Find it, Now! (Part 1)

Posted: 31/03/2013 in Aras Open Source PLM

It’s been a while since my last blog post, so you can understand that we at CycleOp have been pretty busy.

But the time has come to show off some of the stuff we’ve been working on. Over the next weeks I’ll publish our latest developments relating to the Aras Innovator PLM.

I decided to start with the supposedly trivial Item Naming problem. When I meet with engineering managers who are managing their parts and BOMs using Excel, and relying on the manual text editing to name their parts, or operation managers who rely on their ERP system to provide the next available item number, they all seem very unhappy.

The item numbers created are meaningless and pointless. Moreover – You can never search by part numbers. Generated part numbers are randomly / sequentially assigned, and add to the confusion of managing parts and BOMs.

Hello my name is

So – We needed a way to help companies easily define, understand and find the parts in their systems. Moreover – Managers wanted to automate their part creation, so that parts are unique, self-explanatory, and “user friendly”.

So we took advantage of an already working solution and migrated it to our Aras Innovator environment.

Here’s a short video I made to show you what our Nomenclature solution is all about:

As you might have also noticed in the movie – we are making use of the properties tab in Aras. It is because of our philosophy is to use vanilla infrastructure and capabilities as much as possible, so that support and future upgrades are easy to perform.

We did however make significant improvements to the properties tab to better support filtered lists, and sorting of lists.

In the process we also expanded our usage of “Admin Settings” so that all of our rules for creating parts are controlled by dynamic settings. You can imagine that we use our Admin Settings in many of our other products.

CycleOp's admin setting

  1. Curt Carlson says:

    It appears to me that you used a powerful, flexible tool (Aras Innovator) to implement a questionable significant identification scheme. A rigorous, well-defined classification model combined with an inexpensive, easily deployable solution like Innovator obviates the “need” for significant item numbering.

    • CycleOp says:

      I agree Curt.

      Aras Innovator provides us the flexibility to easily define such numbering scheme. And since this is all controlled by a set of admin settings – It is easily controlled by the end customer. But- You are also right about the need for having the correct “dictionary” for such a mechanism. This can be defined by using industry defined standards.


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