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In my last blog I talked about how to effectively and quickly define, create and find parts created with Aras Innovator and the Nomenclature module we’ve developed at CycleOp.

This time we go further. Really harnessing the power of Aras’s great infrastructure to bring users advanced search capabilities.

The total quick search was requested by so many of our customers. Users requested a way to search across the entire database. Some said they did not remember or know where that data is. It might be in the name of a document, it might be in the description, and it might even be the actual filename attached to a document.

Users also wanted to make searches more approachable and equally important – get rid of the asterisks they had to use at the beginning, the end, or at both ends of the word they were looking for.

We started looking at search solutions from our partners, but they were expensive and you had to install indexing servers and additional layers of data.

Total Quick Search

So we came up with the ‘Total Quick Search’ which embeds all of the above.  There are no servers to install, and no indexing takes place. It is based on generic Aras capabilities, and it searches on anything that is stored in the database, and is defined in our Admin Settings as attributes we want to search on.

Here’s the movie:

And here are the variables we use to define what attributes to search for:
Blog 10 - Variables

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